The Facilitation MasterClass: A Two Day Intensive Experience

A Conversation Factory/Think Clearly Joint

The Facilitation Masterclass is a two day transformative experience in leadership and presence. The next session offered is January 27-28, 2018, in New York City.

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facilitate TRANSFORMATive conversations 

Bring diverse stakeholders together more effortlessly with an expanded toolkit and skillset for state-of-the-art creative collaboration. 

Bring People together to talk, learn and decide on new plans and new actions, to move things forward.


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drive alignment and vision with confidence 

Working Visually and collaboratively will get people up, at the wall and thinking clearly together!

It's not just about a bigger toolbox, but developing the internal resources to draw on to be the master facilitator you need to be.

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rethink your workshop design approach

Plan your workshops and meetings like any experience: holistically, with humans at the center, and for maximizing delight.

Who should take this workshop:

If you're a leader, an emergent leader, a scrum master, a product manager, a UX designer, a strategist, a marketer...if you work with people and try to bring them together to make choices, you'll find benefit from your time spent in this master class!

Workshop Style:

This is not a "chalk-and-talk" or "sage-on-the-stage" format. The days will be highly interactive with multiple facilitation simulations, activities and collaborative sessions. You'll leave having had the chance to try on a variety of new facilitation approaches in a safe space.

Workshop Size:

Intimate! We'd like to cap the attendance at 25

Workshop Investment:

You investment for the 2 days is $1,200

Workshop Location:

A central location, TBD


Your instructors

Spend a weekend with two master facilitators and leave with a deepened set of tools, perspectives and colleagues to help you transform the meetings and workshops you host and the organizations you work with. 

Mathias in Repose

Mathias in Repose

Daniel taking a workshop selfie

Daniel taking a workshop selfie

Mathias is the creator of Think Clearly. Born in Denmark, he founded his first company at age 15, building digital solutions for companies.

Powered by digital, he later branched into fashion journalism and photography before moving to New York City, where he worked as a life coach and consultant for startup CEOs and corporate executives. He has worked with Bloomberg, Google, The New York Times, Carrot Creative, Holstee, Coca-Cola, Pratt, The Wharton School, CUNY, FiftyThree and many more.

Mathias has a M.Sc. degree from Aarhus University, Denmark.


Daniel helps Organizations and Teams have more forward-moving conversations about design and innovation. He designs and facilitates workshops and builds organizational structures that foster agility and productivity. He's also a design entrepreneur, having founded Gothamsmith, a 3D-printed accessories company, and The Design Gym, a design thinking education company, which he exited in 2015. He is now an independent Design Facilitator and Conversation Designer.

Daniel has over 10 years working with and scaling design thinking in organizations of all shapes and sizes. Former clients include Accenture, Capital One, Priceline, Marriott, The Institute of International Education, Abbot Pharmaceuticals, Panasonic and The NYC Public School Innovation Lab.

Daniel has an MID from The Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.


The workshop will run 10-5 each day, with light refreshments provided at 9:30 each AM. We'll work together during the morning with a break, and then have lunch on our own. The afternoon will follow a similar pattern, and we'll break promptly at five. The location will be selected later, and will be a central and convenient spot!



Can't make it this time? We might run it again. Hit the "keep me in the loop" button and let us know your keen on it.