The Facilitation Master Class: An Intensive Experience for Skilled Facilitators to Deepen their Practice

The Facilitation Masterclass is a 1, 2 or 3 day transformative experience in leadership and presence. Sign up below to be notified about the next workshop.

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facilitate TRANSFORMATive conversations 

Bring diverse stakeholders together more effortlessly with an expanded toolkit and skillset for state-of-the-art creative collaboration. 

Bring People together to talk, learn and decide on new plans and new actions, to move things forward.


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drive alignment and vision with confidence 

Working Visually and collaboratively will get people up, at the wall and thinking clearly together!

It's not just about a bigger toolbox, but developing the internal resources to draw on to be the master facilitator you need to be.

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rethink your workshop design approach

Plan your workshops and meetings like any experience: holistically, with humans at the center, and for maximizing delight.

Who should take this workshop:

If you're a leader, an emergent leader, a scrum master, a product manager, a UX designer, a strategist, a marketer...if you work with people and try to bring them together to make choices, you'll find benefit from your time spent in this master class!

Workshop Style:

This is not a "chalk-and-talk" or "sage-on-the-stage" format. The days will be highly interactive with multiple facilitation simulations, activities and collaborative sessions. You'll leave having had the chance to try on a variety of new facilitation approaches in a safe space.

Workshop Size:

Intimate! We'd like to cap the attendance at 20


The workshop will run 9-5 each day, with light refreshments provided at 8:30 AM. We'll work together during the morning with a break, and then have lunch. The afternoon will follow a similar pattern, and we'll break promptly at five.