The Facilitation Master Class: An Intensive Experience for Skilled Facilitators to Deepen their Practice

Upcoming session this November 8th in NYC.

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The Facilitation Masterclass is a 1 day transformative experience in leadership and presence.

Your profile

  • Experienced leader or facilitator working on product or service innovation, organizational change or transformation

  • Keen to strengthen your effectiveness and personal resilience as a host of powerful workshops and decision-making

What’s Included:

  • Follow-on group coaching calls at 30 and 90 days

  • One 30 minute solo coaching call

  • Facilitation Slack Group

  • Facilitation Workbook

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facilitate TRANSFORMATive conversations 

Bring diverse stakeholders together more effortlessly with an expanded toolkit and skillset for state-of-the-art creative collaboration. 

Bring People together to talk, learn and decide on new plans and new actions, to move things forward.


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drive alignment and vision with confidence 

Working Visually and collaboratively will get people up, at the wall and thinking clearly together!

It's not just about a bigger toolbox, but developing the internal resources to draw on to be the master facilitator you need to be.

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rethink your workshop design approach

Plan your workshops and meetings like any experience: holistically, with humans at the center, and for maximizing delight.

More info on who should take this workshop:

If you're a leader, an emergent leader, a scrum master, a product manager, a UX designer, a strategist, a marketer...if you work with people and try to bring them together to make choices, you'll find benefit from your time spent in this master class!

Workshop Style:

This is not a "chalk-and-talk" or "sage-on-the-stage" format. The days will be highly interactive with multiple facilitation simulations, activities and collaborative sessions. You'll leave having had the chance to try on a variety of new facilitation approaches in a safe space.

Workshop Size:

Capped at 21


The workshop will run 9-5, with light refreshments provided at 8:30 AM. We'll work together during the morning with a break, and then have lunch. The afternoon will follow a similar pattern, and we'll break promptly at five.

can’t make this one? I’ll be doing it again in 2020…

What people say about the experience:

"Such a fantastic workshop! I learned so much and really walked away with a new mindset"

Kai Haley, Lead of Design Relations and Sprint Master Academy Google

“There's a big difference between trainer and facilitator -- A Trainer gives people a set of tools to learn and practice. A Facilitator imprints lessons with people through experience, connecting them with their intrinsic human values.

Daniel's Advanced Facilitation workshop provided me with a deeper perspective on the difference between training and facilitating. It can help you build a foundation of skills and mindsets to leap from trainer to facilitator, empowering you as a change agent and leader. “

Jay Melone, Founder of New Haircut

"This was a very structured workshop, however the flow felt natural and not rushed. I have never been formerly trained as a facilitator but have been doing it and training enterprise clients and consultants for over 2 decades! It was a fun and engaging workshop, and even through there were a lot of frameworks shared and practiced, the group did not feel over run with academia.  Daniel created a perfect day of learning, sharing, guiding, practice. 

Would highly recommend to facilitators or client teams who need a refresh!"

Diana Ying Liu, Business Experience Designer and Founder of The Six

"I highly recommend the Facilitation Masterclass even if you've done lots of it in the past. There were very experienced people there that were still learning a lot! People from innovation agencies, organizational change people, branding agencies... this isn't just meant for one very specific niche of facilitation... these are skills that you apply to a number of different contexts.

It was absolutely worthwhile investment for me...I got way more than I expected to get out of it!"

Jason Van Orden, Brand Strategist and Entrepreneur

"I have always thought that I was a natural facilitator.  I quickly realized during a coaching conversation with Daniel that I could “up” my game considerably.  I walked him through a recent workshop I’d done and he asked me some very insightful questions and provided me with some very helpful tools. I have subsequently used these tools in other workshops that I have facilitated.  I plan to work more with Daniel.  His experience and perspective are extremely valuable to me and my growth as a facilitator"

 Antonia Bowring, AB strategies

"Working one on one with Daniel has been immensely helpful to my facilitation work...Daniel brings to his coaching not only his depth of facilitation knowledge and experience, but also his empathy and his sense of humor. I would definitely recommend working with Daniel for anyone who wants to take their facilitation work to the next level."

Jordan Hirsch, Director, Strategy Phase2