WEEK 10 

Data to wisdom: A Mindful Approach

Doing Affinity Clustering *mindfully* is a tremendous and special thing. It helps a group of people develop a shared pool of meaning, build shared knowledge...and sometimes helps people take wise actions together.

Doing Affinity Clustering *mindfully* can be a game-changer for your team. I talk about 3 ways to approach it differently. I'd love to hear your own tips and tricks for making sure the outcome of your synthesis activities are shared and significant!

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week 9

Visual Conversations

In this week's episode I talk about the power of visual dialogue to foster more mindful co-creation of share wisdom!

You might check out this episode with Dave Gray, this episode with LeLand Maschmeyer and this episode with my Negotiation Teacher Professor Bob Bordone!

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week 8

Brainstorm Design

In this week's episode I delve into the Conversation OS Canvas and how to take a holistic approach to rethinking how you get creative with others. You can download the OS Canvas here.

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week 7

Warming up a Room

In this week's video episode, I talk about some of my favorite warm-ups to get a group stretching their minds. And I dig into an all-purpose, go-to tool that nearly always helps me get people thinking and ready to dive into whatever tool or challenge is up next!

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wEEK 6

The Yin and Yang of Workshops

In this week’s episode I tackle the idea of Problem Framing using Abstraction Laddering and using Parking Lots to keep things on track.

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The Whole-Room Agenda

When you take the Open, Explore and Close framework and map it over your work room, suddenly, the whole room is your agenda. Each area of the room is dedicated to one mode of thinking, just like at Disney!

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The Three Types of Narratives to Build Amazing Workshop Experiences

To build a powerful workshop you have to start a powerful conversation. And there's no better tool for starting a conversation than a story. I talk about the 3 types of narrative threads and several examples of each. It's jam packed! 

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Week 3

The problem with “popcorn” style meetings and some better options

I go through all six ways I’m currently aware of to shape group conversations...Four of the six you probably know, two you might not. At the end of this, I hope you’ll have a larger, richer bag ‘o’ tricks as a facilitator or group leader.

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Week 2

The fourth meeting malady: #fake meetings

Last week’s episode was about setting the stage, why we need to change how we work together: The stakes are high and the system is broken. When your team is solving the wrong problems or can’t align and launch, that’s a real challenge. But it’s worse than that!

Last week’s response was awesome, on twitter and LinkedIn. The tweets above pointed to a more insidious issue that plagues many company cultures: Fake meetings. The key to fixing this starts at home, asking ourselves a few simple questions.

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Week 1

Solve the 3 Most Common Meeting Maladies with One Simple Tool

Think Alone before Thinking Together and Banish Groupthink. Forever!

For the next few months, I’ll be Working Out Loud, creating a book on designing and facilitating creative conversations.

Today I started that experiment. I’ve put together an outline of a book I’m going to write and will be live streaming it weekly on my Podcast and Facebook page. This is a little write up and capture of what I’ve covered: Three Common Meeting Maladies.

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