About Conversation Design

Everyday, at work and at home you're having conversations. Some may be good, some may be painful. Some may be one-sided, some might feel more equal. Most are not designed. Design just means trying to create preferred situations. But in conversation, there are many people involved and time scales can vary. Designing conversations takes some new skills and knowledge and also draws on some of the core skills and tools of User Experience design.

about me

I like to design conversations. For groups big and small, for big challenges and nitty-gritty issues.

And I like to leave many conversations undesigned. Which is a design choice, after all! I craft workshops, learning experiences, and innovation systems for teams and organizations. I also coach people in facilitation skills and run the Conversation Factory podcast, where I feed my head and your head about the edges and corners of conversation design. I've been a design strategist, ux designer, entrepreneur and an independant facilitator. 

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 That's me! Workshop selfies are not mandatory.

That's me! Workshop selfies are not mandatory.