You are leading innovation and change in your team or organization. You’re growing as a facilitator. You’re planning a summit, offsite or transformation and you want help stepping up and stepping into a new leadership role. Work with me once or twice monthly for 3-6 months and build the change you want.

I have always thought that I was a natural facilitator. I quickly realized during my coaching conversations with Daniel that I could “up” my game considerably. I walked him through a recent workshop I’d done and he asked me some very insightful questions and provided me with some very helpful tools. His experience and perspective have been extremely valuable to me and my growth as a facilitator
— Antonia Bowring, AB Strategies

CONVERSATION DESIGN coaching framework: Going Deeper

For leaders that want to go more deeply into how they show up at work, I use my conversations map to find out what conversations are functioning and flourishing in your work and life. We can then apply design principles from the functional conversations to the less functional ones. In my research and consulting work, I've identified four core creative conversations and five adaptive conversations that work together to create healthy people in healthy teams in healthy organizations. I'd love to work with you to find out what's working, and what's missing.

Listen to an introductory coaching session on the podcast.

Watch this webinar with Mural to learn more about conversation design and download a set of conversation design templates here

Working one on one with Daniel has been immensely helpful to my facilitation work...Daniel brings to his coaching not only his depth of facilitation knowledgeable and experience, but also his empathy and his sense of humor. I would definitely recommend working with Daniel for anyone who wants to take their facilitation work to the next level.
— Jordan Hirsch, Director, Strategy Phase2